AI4EU Cafe: How to overcome the barrier to kickoff Trustworthy AI implementation


The AI4EU Cafe presents Josef Baker-Brunnbauer (SocialTechLab)

with his talk

How to overcome the barrier to kickoff Trustworthy AI implementation.

b) Description:

The research addressed the management awareness about the ethical and moral aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a general trend to speak about AI, and many start-ups and established companies are communicating about the development and implementation of AI solutions. Therefore, it is important to consider different perspectives besides the technology and data as the key elements for AI systems. The way in which societies are interacting and organising themselves will change. Such transformations require diverse perspectives from the society and particularly from AI system developers for shaping the humanity of the future. The research aimed to overcome this barrier with the answers for the question: What kind of awareness does the management of AI companies have about the social impact of its AI product or service? Companies and their stakeholder need practical tools and implementation guidelines besides abstract frameworks to kick off the realization of AI ethics. Based on my previous research outcome AI development companies are still in the beginning of this process or have not even started yet. How is it possible to decrease the entry level barrier to kickoff AI ethics implementation? I tackle this question by combining AI ethics research with previous research findings to create the Trustworthy AI Implementation (TAII) framework. The aim is to kickoff AI ethics and to transfer research and abstract guidelines from academia to business. The TAII process generates a meta perspective on the systemic dependencies of ethics for the company ecosystem. It generates orienteering for the AI ethics kickoff without requiring a deep background in philosophy and considers perspectives of social impact outside the software and data engineering setting.

c) Bio:

Josef Baker-Brunnbauer worked for 20 years in different industry areas for start-ups and established companies in international projects for market leading clients. He is consulting companies about business model innovation, product innovation, change and digital transformation projects through his consulting company Product XYZ ( and leading AI Ethics research projects at SocialTechLab ( He holds a MBA in International Business Administration from LIMAK Johannes Kepler University Austria and Tsinghua University China, an engineering degree in Software Engineering, a diploma in Life Counseling and Coaching, a master’s degree in Psychosocial Counseling from the Karl- Franzens University in Austria, a diploma in Product Management from Marketing Academy Munich & University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, he is book author and member of the European Commission AI Alliance.

Josef Baker-Brunnbauer
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