AI4EU Cafe: Get up to 70 000 EUR for developing AI Solutions: All you need to know about the BonsAPPs Open Call for AI talents


This AI4EU Café will present Izabela Zrazinska (Senior Project Manager, Fundingbox) with her talk on the unique opportunity that the BonsAPPs project offers to AI talents and SMEs.
About BonsAPPs 1st Open Call:
@BonsAAPs has officially launched its #opencall for AI talents (Researchers, PhDs/Post-Docs, Engineers/Developers, Data scientists) that will apply the tools and services from the AI on-demand platform (Bonseys Marketplace)  to solve the Industry Challenge with the developed AI Solutions.
If you are individual, SME, MidCap, or a Researcher from Research and Technology Organization, submit your candidature before October 28th at and be considered for €70 000 funding and a 5-month program supported by #BonsAPPS partners.
Join AI4EU Cafe organized with BonsAPPs to discover:
• Who are AI Talents? 
• What are the benefits of the BonsAPPs Support Programme? 
• How to apply? 
• Other funding opportunities for AI 
• Q&A 
Useful links:
Open Call website: 
BonsAPPs website: 
Speaker CV

More info about the Speaker Izabela Zrazinska:

 Izabela Zrazinska
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