AI4EU Cafe: Artificial Intelligence for Making Products and Solutions Smarter


The Speaker is: Iker Esnaola (Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence in TEKNIKER )
The description of the talk: Although the Artificial Intelligence is nothing new, currently it is experiencing an upsurge that can be attributed to advances in computing and the increasing availability of data. In TEKNIKER, our vast experience of nearly 40 years in different domains is combined with Artificial Intelligence technologies ranging from machine learning to knowledge representation, towards making products and solutions smarter. This talk will focus on success stories in different domains including manufacturing, energy, agriculture and health.

CV: Iker holds a Computer Engineering degree and a Master in Advanced Computer Systems, both at the University of the Basque Country (Spain). He received his PhD Cum Laude in Computer Engineering in the University of the Basque Country, distinguished with the Mention of Excellence by the Spanish Education Ministry. His thesis contributed to the use of Semantic Technologies to support Predictive Analytics processes. He has several publications in workshops, international conferences and high-impact journals, he has been part of different Program Committees and he has participated in many EU-funded research projects. Iker currently is the Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence in TEKNIKER and works as a Researcher in the Intelligent Systems Unit.