AI in a world of cross-over challenges


Invitation and Registration to the next live AI4EU Café web session:

The Speaker is Miha Turšič (Waag, Amsterdam).He is an Artist and Researcher.
The title of his live presentation is "AI in a world of cross-over challenges".
His presentation is about:
The world of the 21st century is emerging in the form of cross-over challenges that no knowledge domain can cope with by itself. The case with technologies like AI is that they are simultaneously reshaping not only the economy but also the society and the environment. 

Capacities of deep learning and autonomous decision making introduced new subjectivities like smart assistants as well as ways of urban mobility that reshape the appearance of urban landscapes. Yes, technologies are not neutral. While they appear as commodities, they also bring concerns and controversies. Due to their utterly remote and invisible presence, also their impact remains invisible—unless it gets addressed. 

Artists engaged in the AI technologies research them not only from the perspective of aesthetics but also ethics and politics. As the art makes the invisible visible, in the context of AI artists pursuit an effort of revealing the hidden processes, infrastructures and resources presentable and understandable. 

Within the efforts of S+T+ARTS initiative of the European Commission, the broader community of artists, research institutions and cultural venues take an effort of creative research and innovation, contributing new insights for new societally relevant technologies.

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