4th International (Virtual) Summer School on Deep Learning


Gdańsk University of Technology
Narutowicza 11/12
80-233 Gdańsk


4th International (Virtual) Summer School on Deep Learning 2021

International Summer School on Deep Learning will introduce participants with fundamentals of deep learning methods. Outside of the base camp, special sessions and keynotes are planned to keep the audience up to date with the latest advances in this fascinating research area. Outstanding speakers and experienced instructors from all over the world will present scientific background, practical issues and perspectives for the future of deep learning methods. The keynote lectures and mini courses will cover topics ranging from fundamentals of neural networks to practical implementations and applications of deep learning. We invite students, researchers and professionals to participate in this unique event that will keep you on track, help unleashing new ideas and give you a chance to be a part of mind-blowing conversations.

School Highlights

Day 1 – If you have some background in programming but you have no experience in neural networks join us for the FIRST DAY WORKSHOP on fundamentals of DEEP LEARNING. The Workshop will introduce you to the basics of neural networks as a practical method of machine learning, focusing further on convolutional neural networks and best practices.

Days 2-4 – During the remaining three days of the School you will have a chance to dive deep into Deep Learning trends and applications by taking part in hands-on workshops and keynotes. Sessions will cover algorithms used for data processing in vision, text, audio, and other domains.

Day 5 – Conference on AI inference in practice (no additional fee): Are you familiar with basic aspects of Deep Learning? Great! You will have the opportunity to join us during the one-day conference focused on Deep Learning models in action. In this track, you will learn how to use models in real-life scenarios, what edge platforms are available on the market for AI inference and how to implement a model in a mobile application (e.g. in Android).


Alfredo Canziani, Sebastian Raschka and many others: https://2021.dl-lab.eu/speakers/


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