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Video: Watch the launch of Spanish AI Sandbox

The day for the launch of the Spanish pilot for a Regulatory Sandbox on Artificial Intelligence has come.

Join us today at 10:00 CET to “Bringing the AI Regulation Forward”!

We invite you to follow the event live via web streaming and share your comments, ideas and first impressions on the thread bellow or on twitter by using the hashtags #AISandbox and #AIAct⏩.


What is the event about?

The event is organised by the Government of Spain in cooperation with the European Commission and aims at presenting a pilot, for Europe’s the first regulatory sandbox on AI. While the entire ecosystem in Europe is preparing for the implementation of the future AI Regulation, the sandbox initiative is expected to generate easy-to-follow, future-proof best practice guidelines and other supporting tools to facilitate its application to companies, in particular SMEs and start-ups.

Download the agenda

Find out more

concept summary is available to prepare you on the AI Sandbox idea before joining the event. Following the discussions of today, a full concept paper for the AI Sandbox will be shared to you via the AI Alliance.

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