Video: Reflections from Australia - Leslie Loble on AI Education and Skills

"One of the great benefits of the AI is that it operates both at a highly personal level and at a systemic level at the same time. That is compelling when it comes to education where we have not always done particularly well in marrying individual student needs in wide-scale. It is exciting what we can do with AI but we always have to ask questions when it comes to an education application: is it built on the best evidence? is it delivering very good pedagogy or is it, in fact, poor pedagogy?"

In her interview to Gianluca Misuraca - held by in the frame of the High-Level Conference on AI: From Ambition to Action - Leslie Loble provided insights from her long-standing experience in designing policies for introducing technology in education in Australia and worldwide.

Alongside its huge potential to innovate education systems and augment human capacities, using AI can also have some ethical implications and challenges, including in terms of equity and accessibility to all. To this end, the interview also addressed the question of what skills should students and workers be equipped with, to successfully address these challenges and turn them into opportunities for future career development, or for reskilling and upskilling? Finally, the Covid-19 crisis highlighted the positive benefits of digital education and AI in particular, as it helped to maintain the functioning of the world’s educational systems. At the same time, a number of potential negative aspects for both education and well-being have been identified. Moving forward, it was outlined how we could imagine a future where AI is fully integrated into educational systems and what skills should children learn to be really “in control”? In this respect, the areas of cooperation that Australia and the EU should focus on in terms of research and innovation, but also to strengthen joint policy initiatives in the field of AI were explored.

You can watch the full interview here:

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