Video: Interview-Series with Professors from MIT, Oxford, Harvard, etc. on Socioeconomics of Disruptive Tech

What are the socioeconomic consequences of disruptive technologies, especially AI? Rethinking Economics NL has been working for over a year on an interview-series featuring the foremost experts on this topic (e.g. professors and researchers from MIT, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, etc.). The series consists of 16 to 20 pre-recorded panel-interviews with 50+ of the foremost experts on this topic.

The first interview is with Daron Acemoğlu (Institute Professor at MIT, most-cited economist of the decade in 2015) and Martin Wolf (Chief Economics Commentator and Associate Editor of the Financial Times, often regarded as best financial journalist in the world). You can find the interview here: We would really appreciate you sharing this further as well!

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