State of Polish AI 2021 - the most comprehensive publication on the Polish AI ecosystem


As a leading AI Hub in Poland we have created the State of Polish AI 2021. This is the latest version of the highly acclaimed Map of Polish AI 2019 and the most comprehensive publication on the Polish AI ecosystem.

We decided to update the report and conduct a comprehensive survey to provide the latest pulse of the Polish AI ecosystem. In our publication, we present Polish companies that are developing advanced products and services using AI tools, the challenges facing AI companies, human capital, the R&D ecosystem, and the condition of the science sector. The report also includes insights from the leading industry experts, disruptive trends that shape the market and key AI policy recommendations. We believe that State of Polish AI 201 will enhance dialogue and boost the development and use of the Polish technological sector's great potential. Download the report and learn everything about the State of the Polish AI market!

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Managing Director, Digital Poland Foundation

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