Recording: AI in International Development

Friday 11 november 2022

14:45 - 15:45

Paris Peace Forum

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools stand to reshape the field of international development, raising questions regarding the appropriateness, efficacy, and ethics of such systems and applications. The introduction of AI into the already complex international development ecosystem necessitates a serious consideration of issues related to fairness and equity, explainability and accountability, vendor contracts and procurement, and the limitations of the data sets upon which AI platforms will rely. Perhaps more immediately, a richer understanding of AI’s positive potential for the top challenges of development is also urgently needed.

Through this roundtable, representatives of civil society, academia, governments, and corporations from emerging economies engage with international development experts and organizational leaders determining the applications and limitations of AI in their field. This exchange helps identifying best practices in applying AI in international development and set out an agenda for further policy-oriented discussions regarding the ethical deployment of automated systems.