Management perspective of ethics in artificial intelligence

This research addressed the management awareness about the ethical and moral aspects of artificial intelligence (AI). It is a general trend to speak about AI, and many start-ups and established companies are communicating about the development and implementation of AI solutions. Therefore, it is important to consider different perspectives besides the technology and data as the key elements for AI systems. The way in which societies are interacting and organising themselves will change. Such transformations require diverse perspectives from the society and particularly from AI system developers for shaping the humanity of the future. This research aimed to overcome this barrier with the answers for the question: What kind of awareness does the management of AI companies have about the social impact of its AI product or service? The central research question was divided into five sub-questions that were answered by a fundamental literature review and an empirical research study. This covered the management understanding of the terms moral, ethics, and artificial intelligence; the internal company prioritization of moral and ethics; and the involved stakeholders in the AI product or service development. It analysed the known and used ethical AI guidelines and principles. In the end, the social responsibility of the management regarding AI systems was analysed and compared.

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Baker-Brunnbauer, J. Management perspective of ethics in artificial intelligence. AI Ethics 1, 173–181 (2021).