Contribution to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2024

The Center for Data Innovation has submitted comments in response to the public consultation of the European Commission, which has been gathering feedback to inform its gender equality strategy 2020-2024. This initiative calls for a new policy framework to continue tackling gender inequality in the EU and beyond, and among other areas, it will focus on gender issues related to artificial intelligence (AI).

Our response aims to help EU policymakers better understand the implications of AI for gender equality, to inform them about the ways in which AI can be a powerful solution to address gender bias, and to suggest policies which could support the use of AI to this purpose.

The EU gender equality strategy is an opportunity for EU policymakers to recognize that AI can help tackle gender equality and correct for human bias; invest in research developing de-biasing methods; encourage best practices to diversify teams in organizations developing and deploying AI; and update regulations to ensure they enable collection and access to diverse high-quality datasets.

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