"Human in command” is for the EESC the main principle when regulating AI

At the High-Level Conference on AI, the European Economic and Social Committee will share concrete proposals on how to improve the AI Act, which will be in the spotlight. Is the definition of AI fit for purpose? What do we think about social scoring and biometric identification? Read the EESC's practical suggestions in an opinion to be adopted on 22 September.

The second pillar of the European AI ecosystem – excellence – deserves just as much attention and this is why we will also express our take on the revised coordinated plan. We call for a sharp acceleration of investment in AI with a view to a rapid and resilient economic and social recovery, based on advanced digital solutions.

We think it is crucial to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the adoption of AI solutions. The EESC's Group I, representing employers' organisations from across Europe, has just published a study entitled Boosting the use of Artificial Intelligence in Europe's micro, small and medium-sized Enterprises. Only 21% of MSMEs use two or more AI technologies, compared to 39% of large companies. You can read more about the key challenges European MSMEs are facing or explore the AI toolbox for policymakers and MSMEs here.

The recordings of the Political Panel on AI Regulation can be found in the link below: