Boosting the international outreach and cooperation initiatives of the EU on human-centric AI

European Commission's proposal for a regulatory framework and its updated Coordinated Plan with EU Member States, aim to turn Europe into a global hub for trustworthy and human-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To this end, the proposed regulation recommends to establish proportionate and flexible rules to address the specific risks posed by AI systems and set the highest standard across the world. At the same time, the Plan outlines a set of international outreach and cooperation initiatives to strengthen Europe's leading position in the development of sustainable, secure and inclusive applications of AI, based on a shared approach at the global level.

Within this context, the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) and the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), in collaborationwiththeEuropeanExternalActionServices(EEAS), initiated and funded the International Outreach for a human-centric approach to Artificial Intelligence” ( initiative, which aims to support the European Commission ‘To contribute to the setting up of a framework for ethics and trust to enable the growth of AI in accordance with EU and universally recognised values and prepare the ground for global coalition building in this field’.

As Team Leader of the initiative, I am particularly pleased to announce the formal launch of the joint effort of the Commission Services during the High Level Conference on AI organized by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council and the European Commission.

An important moment of the conference will in fact be the session to launch the international outreach and cooperation initiatives the EU is promoting. This session, scheduled on 14th September at 16:00, and which I have the honor to moderate, will feature representatives of the major International and Regional Organisations active in the promotion of the dialogue around the regulatory and ethical dimensions underpinning the responsible development of AI worldwide.

These organisations are also founding partners of Global,a platformdesigned jointly by key International Organisations and relevant institutions “to help policymakers and the public navigate the international AI governance landscape and access the necessary knowledge, tools, data, and best practice to inform AI policy development”.

It is thus very timely that and are kicking-off together, considering also the variety of initiatives undertaken by key stakeholders, showing the urgency to enhance international cooperation and the high potential impact that joining forces in this field will have. A positive cross-fertilization that can beneficially impact the several ongoing initiatives, enabling the common pursuit of higher standards in a shared exercise of high-level collective action in support of growth and equitable development is in fact required.

The EU is in the unique position to support this “geopolitical puzzle”, by harnessing its expertise in technology diplomacy, leveraging policies and regulations, while boosting external aid. By combining its ability to set global standards and provide accompanying investments, the EU will navigate the intensive global competition for ideas, systems and markets, across the globe.

The rationale underpinning such efforts is rooted in fact on the common and strong belief that like-minded actors would greatly benefit from a reciprocal incentive to face together one of the greatest societal challenges of our age. At the same time, the views of citizens from all over the world are a valuable addition to this collective effort.

In this regard, the initiatives will proactively promote the EU vision to nurture a human-centric approach to AI across the world, in line with the Joint Communication on strengthening the EU’s contribution to rules-based multilateralism and the Communication on 2030 Digital Compass: the European way for the Digital Decade. More concretely, the is set out to assist the Commission, contributing to set the ground for specific actions to strengthen cooperation with like-minded countriesandthebroadermulti-stakeholdercommunity, facilitating international, multilateral and bilateral discussions on trustworthy AI founded on a value-based approach and promote the EU’s perspective on AI on the globalstage.

At the moment, as part of the initiative, we are supporting the development of reinforced policy dialogue with like-minded partners, such as Japan, Canada, Australia, and USA, with the aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and convergence of regulatory approaches.

At the same time, through the mobilisation of strategic communication and technology diplomacy actions, the project is expected to complement the ongoing international processes, leveraging on existing multilateral and bilateral initiatives. The support to the organization of this High Level Conference on AI as well as the forthcoming High Level Policy Workshop on human-centric AI being organized at the EXPO Dubai, are two examples of this type of expert support to strengthen policy outreach and raise awareness in the general public.

Astheobjectiveof both InTouchAI.euandGlobalPolicy.AIcanberealisedonlythroughstrengtheningco-operation between intergovernmental organisations that are working to promote the responsible development and use of trustworthy AI in accordance with human rights and democratic values, it is therefore natural that these twoinitiatives will proceed hand in hand to contribute achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to ensure AI systems are aligned with human rights and democratic values, a goal that is in the DNA of the this initiative may thus serve as one of the operational arms of the EU to support making the vision of the GlobalPolicy.AI a reality, and drive all of us to really move FROM AMBITION TO ACTION!

And exactly to build immediately on the eloquent title of the conference, it is crucial to deepen the debate on how international outreach and cooperation activities can be better coordinated so to achieve a major impact on digital development and digital for development.

All the interested participants, from Europe and all over the world, are therefore welcomed to bring their contribution on the European AI Alliance, before, during and after the conference, to actively support the development of an effective multi-stakeholder perspective on human-centric AI.


I look forward to get with all of you!


Gianluca Misuraca

Team Leader and Key Expert in Technology Diplomacy,

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