AI4Belgium Feedback Report on the "Trustworthy AI Assessment List" in the context of the piloting Process of the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI

AI4Belgium is a community-led initiative, enabling Belgian individuals and organisations to capture the opportunities of AI while facilitating the ongoing transition towards the technology’s increased adoption in a responsible manner. AI4Belgium has the ambition to position Belgium firmly on the European AI landscape, drawing on the many assets vested in the Belgian AI ecosystem, from high-quality researchers, excellent entrepreneurs and companies, to innovative public entities.

This feedback report was prepared in the context of an interactive workshop where the members of the AI4Belgium community came together and  -with the guidance of some experts of the AI HLEG- drafted a first feedback. This feedback was subsequently circulated within the AI4Belgium community, allowing all members an opportunity to consult the feedback document and provide their further input. The end result comprises the consolidated feedback of the AI4Belgium members.

(132.59 KB - PDF)
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