AI and Automatic Decision Making in Public Procurement - Poland example

Moje Państwo Foundation (Poland) would like to share the report regarding AI and Automatic Decision Making in Public Procurement - Guidelines for the Public Sector.

AI and automatic decision-making systems are increasingly popular in the execution of tasks by the state authorities. Public entities face the ambitious task of responsible implementation of these innovative technologies. The issue is complex and requires interdisciplinary cooperation and the consideration of many aspects, including: legal, business, technological, as well as ethics and transparency.

The situation of many citizens who will be affected by the implemented AI solutions depends on how public entities will develop, introduce and use artificial intelligence. Any success or failure of such an initiative can influence the level of public confidence in AI-based systems. A positive attitude of citizens to artificial intelligence is, in turn, crucial for the development of this technology, both in business and in public institutions.

The aim of the report is to draw attention to good practices in the public procurement of AI systems and to propose guidelines that may constitute a better, more effective and more transparent way of implementing such solutions in the public sector.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach:

Magdalena Siwanowicz-Suska
Legal Director at Moje Państwo Foundation

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