Skills and Training to go digital

Officers within public administrations need new skills and training to adapt local public services to the digital era and to work across sectors within the administrations and across borders.


Iesniedzis Fabian Meisinger Ot, 20/09/2016 - 15:14

1 - Who were the actors involved?
Local PAs´officers, training agencies, Commission
2 - who will be the beneficiaries?
Officers, citizens, Europe
3- Who are the potential supporters/sponsors?
EC (funding opportunities), Member States
4- What could be the barriers?
change mindset of officers
5 - Are there similar solutions already implemented?
In business would be change management. Peer learning and mentorings programs. Introducing technical and digital classes in public schools (for instans coding) to enhance the skills of the citizens (DK).

Iesniedzis Pedro Obando Ot, 20/09/2016 - 15:30

we liked this proposal.

* For this to happen we will need support from education ministries, ICT companies, developers of technology, support of governments to allow training of civil servants, money to pay for trainings, invest in motivation of civil servants

*The beneficiaries of this would be: citizens who are served, public administrations will get better workers, faster, efficient service delivery.

*We are confident that this idea will be supported by all public servants.

* A big barrier would be non willigness to learn, motivation, failure to see the positives in learning.

* similar solutions: We do not know any.