Single Digital Gateway ASAP

The Flemish MAGDA platform has been built without first spending years on a grand design, but has step by step adressed concrete needs of different administrations, citizens and businesses.  The EU should take a similar approach by solving concrete issues between citizens, regions or countries. We're exchanging student data between the Netherlands and Flanders to simplify their registration in another country. Why not provide this service to all memberstates, but this demands crossborder standardisation of diploma's, degrees, Personal Information ( and why not income  for student grants). All within the limits of the EDPR. 

(Citizens should be able to check where in any country there are data about him are used, and reuse those data themselves anywhere anytime )

Cases like this could enlarge the Single Digital Gateway step by step, Member State by Member State, slowly but surely creating a whole of Government approach. 






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Vytvořil uživatel Geert Mareels dne Út, 20/09/2016 - 15:15

Actors : Start from concrete needs of citizens or enterprises. Often several administrations in different domains and Member states will need to work together to meet those needs. To get rid of the paper trail they'll need to overcome interoperability issues, (technical, semantic, organisational, legal and political context).
Beneficiaries : Citizens are longer employed as errand boys fetching the data needed by one Administration in another Ministry. It becomes possible to provide proactive Public services to all that need them, not only to those who know them.

Sponsors : it'll be a challenge to free enough time to work on this, but the investments are relatively moest

Barriers : Departementalism, legacy, inertia, lack of citizen-centred approach.
There are little or no technolical barriers.

Similar Solutions : The Flemish Magda platform has done this on an ever growing scale.

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Vytvořil uživatel Dietrich Drüner dne Po, 17/10/2016 - 15:55

The Single Digital Gateway aims among others at making sure that frequently used administrative procedures are provided online and are as accessible for cross-border users as for national users. Apart from that it also aims to improve the quality, quantity and findability of online information about rules relevant for cross-border active businesses and citizens; and the accessibility of assistance services.
You can find more details in the Inception Impact Assessment:…
A public online consultation is on-going until 28 November and every stakeholder input is appreciated:
The concept of re-using in cross-border situations information/documents created at one interaction between a user and a public authority could be linked to a future Single Digital Gateway and is currently being explored. Examples of successful cross-border cooperation applying such a concept at the scale of two or several Member States are interesting in this context. Could you explain in more detail how this MAGDA platform works between Netherlands and Belgium?