Sharing Publication Data and Learning Ressources

Increasing access to scientific and academic publications across Europe, as well as learning ressources without any form of geoblocking. There is the potential for the creation of a European eLibrary which would be a network of ressources across the EU, such as an "EU BookFlix." This revolves around Open Access as well as improving access to books that are part of the public domain and perhaps also adding books under copyright that could be purchased or borrowed for a fixed time period.

Citizen Cross-border interoperability


Geplaatst door Wendy Carrara op di, 09/20/2016 - 15:14

Actors ?
Public libraries in the 95,000 local governments in the EU, plus University libraries, Digital Humanity courses
Publishers/ Editors of paper books and eBooks

Benefits ?
EUR-Library the BookFlix for books
This is online book repository
Library for all with a personal space
Access to publications from one university to another
Making a distinction between scientific publications and ‘other’ books
Supports the increase in education and access to books for all, including elderly of disadvantaged people and any kind of institution.
Sustainable project via charging either a subscription fee to access the whole library, or charging for a few based on level agreements with publishers

Investors/ Supporters
National governments

Copyright law
Publishers/ editors may oppose the idea but could work on a subscription basis

Already done somewhere else ?
NetFlix for movies/ TV series

Geplaatst door Fabian Meisinger op di, 09/20/2016 - 15:29

Include scientific publications to the eLibrary with common quality checking (peer review).