Investment/Funding of Start-ups

We are a startup looking for funding to expand our activities.  We would love to have access to information all funding possibilities available from the EU Commission and European Investment Bank. 

We are also looking for information regarding potential co-founders,  platforms to support our entrepreneurship, networks of young entreprenurs and so on. 


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Iesniedzis Pedro Obando Ot, 20/09/2016 - 15:11

*The actors needed for this "dream" are: startup community, European Investment Bank and other funders (e.g. DG Connect, DG Research), private funders (e.g. Venture capital companies, business angels), National Governments, and other business related organizations.

* Our initiative will benefit:
The startup community, innovation community in the EU, national governments, workforce, For example: We can create new jobs,

* Potential investors:
EU Commission, EIB, financial institutions, venture captial companies, business angels, corporations,

* We see as barriers :
Limited available information, information asymmetries in the market this is information between funders and beneficiaries, cross-border barriers, different investment regulations for example missing European Capital Markets union,

*Any similar cases: we do not know any similar cases.