Filter out technical jargon (as much as possible)

To get average citizens to participate in policy-making, we need to frame questions and calls to action in language that they recognize. Where technical terms are needed, these need to be explained as clearly and simply as possible. Let's involve more laypeople -- outside the institutions affected -- in the creation of these questions and calls to action, and involve social media to a much greater extent to meet people where they get their news and information.

Citizen Digital interaction


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Indsendt af Graziana LONERO den ons, 10/26/2016 - 10:45

Thank you Lex for your suggestions.

We are also engaging with 'people' on social media through the twitter account EU_eGov.

Could you please help us framing questions and calls to action in language that 'laypeople' recognize?
Please indicate cocrete examples, and we can reflect together on how to improve?