eGovernment at Regional and local level: have your say and shape our Public Administrations of the future

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New & dynamic eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020: what's in it for Regions/regional and local PA/citizens? What are your needs and ideas for actions?

How can we foster the cooperation of border regions to facilitate the delivery of public services across borders, taking into account the role and responsibilities at European, National, regional, local level?

What are the good examples of cross-border cooperation already ongoing in Europe?

What public services are delivered by local / regional administrations and how could a shared infrastructure / common building blocks facilitate the roll out of new digital services?

How is the availability of open data (services and processes) changing the relationship between administrations and citizens / businesses? Can co-created public services, offer specific care for vulnerable communities?

How can stakeholders interact with us (and amongst them) on the eGovernment4EU platform?