What do you think about the list of societal and public sector needs identified in the SONNETS project?

To better address the needs in the current societal context, it is imperative that the needs emerge through the interactions with the various stakeholders in the society. Thus, SONNETS approach aims at eliciting societal needs and trends through an active engagement with the societal actors: stakeholders external to the public sector (citizens and businesses) as well as internal ones (civil servants).
During the project lifecycle, the SONNETS consortium has conducted a detailed investigation of the needs of each stakeholder associated with the public sector and then identified the specific innovation requirements and actions that public sector could implement to adequately meet those needs.

As a result of this analysis, a list of 58 needs has been produced, from which 28 ones demonstrated to be the most signficant among the stakeholders:

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Please, help us to validate these results and share with us your opinion!

  • What two needs do you consider a priority?
  • For each of the selected needs, what is in your opinion a potential barrier in addressing the need?
  • For each of the selected needs, what is in your opinion an important success factor in addressing the need?
  • Is there a highly relevant need not present in the list above that you would like to suggest
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Objavio Tally Hatzakis pon, 31/07/2017 - 15:08

From individuals point of view: 

  • Poverty reduction

  • Better alignment between government actions a societal needs   

Biggest barrier: Political dependency on powerful and affluent business stakeholders. 

Biggest success factor: Legislation and surveillance against funding and lobbying of politicians by business actors

From business point of view: 

  •  Diffusion of ecodesign and circular value chains
  • Reduce reskilling time and costs

Biggest barrier: Resistance from status quo business actors in traditional industries, lack of reskilling plans and investment

Biggest success factor: Education, heavy taxing of fossil based industries, investment of this money in ecofriendly business models.

From Government point of view

  • Assign political roles to people with specific expertise in the relevant domain
  • Rework the trust deficit

Biggest barrier: Inability of the public sector to attract decent and competent people

Biggest success factor: Technological solutions to direct democracy

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Objavio Esther Garrido čet, 03/08/2017 - 11:32

Thank you very much for your views, Tally,  in line with the results we have gathered through online and offline consultations along the project. Your opinions have helped us identify current and emerging societal challenges representing the demand-driven and need-based approach to public sector innovation.

If you are further interested, I am pretty confident that you can extract value from these results.I would like to invite you to our final webinar that will take place on the 14th of september. Join us to gain first-hand knowledge about the tools to assess the viability of potential innovation solutions for the public sector and take inspiration from SONNETS roadmaps and recommendations.

Please, register through this link:


We are happy to meet you there!