Call for Proposals "Smart Local Administrations". Looking for partners for your consortium? Join this discussion!

This space will only be a possibility for partners to meet and to get in contact with each other.

Contacts and more in-depth discussions between partners will happen outside the contexts of Futurium.


Keep in mind


Consortium requirements

In order to be eligible, a proposal must be submitted by a consortium composed of at least 5 (five) legal entities from at least 3 (three) eligible countries.


Consortium expected results and outcome

The action is expected to facilitate citizens’ access to and interaction with public services, to engage local communities in solving common problems and challenges, and to support the digital transformation of local administrations.

More specifically, the preparatory action will result in a repository of tangible use cases for IoT, AI and VR for sustainable local administrations. Furthermore, the repository(s) shall also include the outcome of the research undertaken within the project, the test tools and methods for collaboration between city actors, as well as lessons learnt and best practices.

The repository(s) should be disseminated widely with other networks and labs.
The labs will have re-used project ideas and approaches developed at other locations, accelerating their pick-up of innovative trends. The network will establish a sustainable organisation and governance that ensures its existence beyond the funding period.


The call and all its related documents are available in the webpage below:

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