Thank you for your ideas!

We have now past the yearly deadline for submitting needs or ideas for action to the eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020.

As you might know, actions can be added to the Action Plan throughout its duration, so we are always interested in knowing your needs and ideas to further improve eGovernment.

Since last years’ deadline we have received 19 ideas on the eGOVERNMENT4EU platform.  These ideas cover a range of different topics from participatory budgeting over public services via mobile channels to data handling tools.    

We would like to take the opportunity to thank those who used their voice and made us aware of an idea, problem or need they have. And we look forward to presenting the ideas to the Member States in the beginning of next year.

The Member States may then decide to implement them nationally, to jointly develop the idea further in smaller workgroups across countries, or the idea may be added to the eGovernment Action Plan.

If you missed this year's deadline – don’t worry! The platform is still open for new ideas to be submitted until the next cut-off deadline in 2018.