Any tips or tricks to share?

How can I embed a map in my Post?

On Futurium we make use of the Europa Webtools. One of the available widgets is a Basic Map integration.

How Can I integrate a Webtools Map?

When you create or edit a Post. You can find the "Webtools Unified Embed Code" button. Click on this button.

Webtools button

Now you can see a box where you will paste code generated by the webtools wizard. Click on the "Webtools Wizard" link.

Webtools Wizard

You now landed on the Europa Webtools page. Click on "Create" to prepare your Basic Map

Basic Map

Do not worry if you are not familiar with latitude and longitude. Click on "Define initial zoom and centre". Drag or zoom on the map and click ok.

Define initial zoom and centre

Click on "Apply Changes" and then on "Code". Select the generated code CTRL + A (Windows) or CMD + A (Apple) and copy the code.

Apply changes

Go back to your Futurium Post and Paste the code.

Paste code

You are almost done now. Scroll down and click on the "Save" button to save your Post.