Futurium is a platform dedicated to Europeans discussing EU policies.  

The platform is initially developed for digital topics, but any topic relevant for European Union is welcome to be addressed here. The name “Futurium” refers to the times ahead us, as our policies impact the future. The more we engage, the more we have impact on our future. 

Public groups can be browsed by anyone but only Futurium members can comment or create content. Closed groups require a registration. Futurium is an engagement platform where users can discuss, comment, share documents, videos, events. 

Overview in numbers

  • Futurium has almost 30.000 members
  • Reaching 8.000 monthly visitors
  • 17 communities + 25 subgroups

Do you want to build a new community? 

Groups should be EC initiated. Contact us: cnect-futurium@ec.europa.eu if you need more info or a demo, a Futurium group administrator will answer you asap.

User documentation is accessible here

Futurium Audience 

Communities are launched by the EC but the target audience can be internal or external, open to all or restricted to a specific list. 

Each community needs a few community managers (up to 3) who take care of keeping it alive, set-up the rules etc.