Opening of '2nd' call: Data Space for Smart Communities (Deployment)

In the Document: ANNEX to the Commission Implementing Decision on the financing of the Digital Europe Programme and the adoption of the multiannual work programme for 2021 - 2022

the call Data Space for Smart Communities (Deployment) is stated to have an indicative time of call opening in the Second call.

However, Data Space for Smart Communities is not yet live on the Funding & tender opportunities portal. Other calls that are stated to go live in the second call are however online.

So my question: when will call be going live?

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Predložil Noirin NI EARCAIN dňa Št, 17/03/2022 - 14:46

Dear Luc, this call Data Space for Smart Communities (Deployment) which was originally planned for call 2 is postponed to call 3 which will go live at the end of September 2022. The DIGITAL Work Programme should be updated soon to reflect this.