On the Path to the Digital Decade: latest discussions on the policy programme

Where are we with the Digital Decade policy programme?

- The European Parliament and the Council have adopted measures to start negotiations. On 11 May 2022, the Council adopted its position. You can read more about it hereYou can also follow details and updates by visiting the legislative train schedule of the European Parliament.

- Trilogue inter-institutional negotiations started on 23 June 2023.


The Digital Decade policy programme was also a topic of discussion during the 2022 Digital Assembly:

  • This year's edition of the Digital Assembly was dedicated to the 2030 targets outlined in the Commission's Digital Decade Communication, including on digital skills, digital infrastructures, digital value chain, and digital transformation. Suggestions for actions have for example been taken to reach the target for skills, in particular on how to reach 20 million ICT specialists by 2030, gender convergence, as well as increasing the number of sectoral experts using advanced digital technologies. 
  • You can also watch this video (from minute 1.56.20) on the stream of the discussion on the digital & green transition.

Keep an eye on this Futurium community for more updates during the summer!

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