Relatiopnship with EDICs

How can we  interact with EDICs? Through our Member States? Where we can find the contact information of our MS Contact point?


Enviado por Lavinia BIANCHI el Jue, 02/03/2022 - 09:27

Dear Anna,

Thank you for this important question. EDICs are still very much in the making. The Commission started the preparatory work but we are still waiting for the legal framework to be able to launch EDICs possibly in 2023. This depends entirely on the outcome of the current negotiations with the Council and Parliament. At present, the Commission is the central point of contact for anything related to EDICs and most information can be found on the Digital Strategy website. For specific MCPs that are already being implemented with other instruments, we expect them to build their own websites, which could also serve as useful sources of information. Finally, we encourage you to use the Digital Decade Futurium Community as a platform to ask your questions on specific cases related to EDICs and we will make sure to reply as best as we can.

I hope this helps,