Relation to Digital Identity Wallets

As written in the chat during the webinar: from Onno Hansen-Staszynski to everyone:    1:34 PM
Dear Federico, how does this vision on dataspaces link to the proposed Digital Identity Wallets for personal data?


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Dear Onno,

Thank you for your question. Depending on the sectors, you can imagine that personal data will have an importance on the development of dataspaces. The request for personal data will be particularly important in the provision of additional services for EU citizens. What we expect is that citizens will have the possibility to share their data through the identity wallet if they wish to do so. Citizens will remain in full control of their data knowing at any moment to whom they granted access and for which purpose. They will have also possibility to revoke such access at any time they wish.

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Dear Lavinia,


thank you so much for your answer. Just one follow-up question for clarity: do you equal "sharing" and "granting access"?


Warm regards,


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Dear Onno,

"Sharing" and "granting access" were used with the same meaning covering two main aspects:

1) Giving the possibility to the data user to access the data by copying it to the premises of the data user or an agreed location (the data user processing centre);

2) Or giving the possibility to the data user to access the data maintaining the location of the data where the data provider has placed it (i.e. the data provider device or its own cloud data storage).

I hope this clarifies,