Multi-Country Projects - Question II

In your view, which are the most important areas for participating in cross-border initiatives? Add a concrete example of a project and/or criteria you would find important for implementation. You can use the following points as inspiration:

  1. Common and multi-purpose pan-European interconnected data processing infrastructure,
  2. Capabilities in electronics design and deployment of the next generation of low power trusted processors and other electronic components,
  3. Pan-European deployment of 5G corridors,
  4. Simultaneous deployment of 6G in multi-country economic regions,
  5. Acquisition of supercomputers and quantum computers,
  6. Developing and deploying an ultra-secure quantum communication infrastructure across the whole EU,
  7. Deploying a network of Security Operations Centres,
  8. Connected Public Administration,
  9. European Blockchain Services Infrastructure,
  10. European Digital Innovation Hubs,
  11. High tech partnerships for digital skills through Pact for Skills,
  12. Other potential areas/projects


Von Andriana PRENTZA am Do., 01/13/2022 - 13:21

A very important area for participating in cross-border initiatives is Connected Public Administration and eGovernment. Interoperability of public services is a very important dimension in the European Single Market in order to have people working, living, studying in different MS.