Published Today: Digital Compass Consultation Report

Today, the Commission published the full report of the consultation on the 2030 Digital Compass.

The results of the consultation, together with feedback and input gathered through other activities, fed into the preparation of the Commission’s proposal for the 2030 Policy Programme: ‘Path to the Digital Decade’.

The main aim of this programme is to set a strategic framework for Europe’s digital transformation to ensure that every policy measure and funding decision at Union and national level contributes to the Digital Decade targets.

The full consultation report presents a detailed analysis of the consultation results and trends that emerge from them, including:

  • Wide recognition of importance of proposed targets, with some suggestions to expand scope and increase or decrease level of ambition.
  • Call for for coordinated action and investments: 95,5% of respondents to the targeted consultation agree that the pandemic demonstrated a need to accelerate the pace of the digital transformation and ensure that everyone can fully benefit from it.
  • Broad support for operationalising the EU’s digital ambition with a structured monitoring and cooperation mechanism:Respondents to the targeted consultation identified substantially increasing investments (90.7%) and coordinating the digitalisation efforts of Member States (78.8%) as crucial drivers for the EU’s successful digital transformation: 
    • Civil society called for a robust governance framework to stimulate and direct investments in a socially and environmentally responsible way that places citizen’s rights at the center.
    • Industry would like to see more coordinated policies to align investment friendly conditions, particularly for the deployment of digital infrastructures, across the EU.
    • Businesses and public administrations emphasized the importance of legal certainty and interoperability for the digitalization of their operations and services.

The report also focuses on suggested future actions for the EU and Member States under the Digital Decade framework. Your input in this context remains crucially important for the EU’s successful digital transformation by 2030.

The Digital Decade Community on Futurium is your space to continue providing input on Europe’s Path to the Digital Decade beyond the limited consultation time. This includes concrete proposals for follow-up actions and initiatives under the new policy programme.

Still not sure what the “Path to the Digital Decade” is about or how to make the most of your Futurium community membership? Join us at our upcoming community launch event on 17th November, 13-14:30pm.

Digital Compass Consultation Report
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