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Private Investment for Gigabit Broadband in the European Union



The Commission is organising a workshop in the context of an upcoming study.

The Commission launched a study entitled “Investing in local and regional gigabit broadband deployment – Opportunities and challenges for market investors in the European Union” (VIGIE No. 2020-723 under Framework Contract SMART 2019/0024, Lot 2), which is being prepared by a consortium of consultants led by CBO Consulting. 

The study aims at identifying, analysing and better understanding investment drivers for the deployment of local, regional, EU-wide and cross-border gigabit networks, specifically broadband fibre and 5G, from the point of view of both investors and project promoters. It should address opportunities, challenges and the key decision parameters for market investors in gigabit broadband deployment in the European Union, with or without public support.

Within the context of this study, a one-day digital infrastructure investor workshop is organized on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 (09:30am-17:00pm). The event is directed towards private and public investors in digital infrastructure: infrastructure funds (equity, debt), banks, institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies...), NPBIs, project promoters, start-ups, telcos, fibrecos, towercos, satellite companies... National and regional public authorities supporting the development of digital infrastructure are also invited to attend.

If you would like to know more about the study and the event, don't hesitate to take a look here: InvestmentforGigabit.

More details on the event here: Private Investment for Gigabit Broadband in the European Union | Shaping Europe’s digital future (


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