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IoT Week 2022



The European Commission at IoT Week 2022

After last year’s event was made completely virtual due to pandemic restrictions, experts will be able to gather at IoT Week 2022 physically in Dublin.

Organised by IoT Forum, IoT Week is an annual event where experts in industry and academia gather to shed light on the strategic role of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the digital transformation of our economy and society.

The following thematic areas will be extensively covered throughout the duration of the four-day event:

The Commission will participate in numerous sessions, such as IoT and Edge Computing Standardisation in the context of Data Spaces, Cross Atlantic Perspectives: Collaboration between European Commission and US NSF on Fundamental Research on New Concepts for Distributed Computing and Swarm Intelligence, and Accelerating Innovation with an Interconnected Ecosystem.

There will also be a session dedicated to the launch of a new cluster of projects “Future European Platforms for the Edge: Meta Operating Systems” in the Cloud-Edge-IoT domain, to be funded under the Horizon Europe programme.

Other than the various conference sessions at the event, participants will be able to view several EU-funded projects that will showcase their work at the IoT Week’s exhibition stands.

Learn more about IoT Week.

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