VIDEO - Roaming4Ukraine: Providing more affordable and free calls to Ukrainian refugees

7.4 million Ukrainian refugees are currently displaced throughout Europe. For them, and for many other actors in the war, communication is key.

In an act of solidarity, in April, European and Ukrainian operators agreed to a joint approach that would allow to provide affordable or free calls and internet use to refugees.

The number of refugees in Europe rose from 4.8 million in August to the 7.4 million of people counted today. Operators on both sides of the Roaming agreement have since extended the initial three month period to continue providing an essential service amid devastating consequences of the war. They have also taken action to provide free SIM cards with mobile services to Ukrainians in Europe.

For the millions of people that have been displaced since the beginning of the Russian aggression, inexpensive and free phone calls, access to information and a connection to internet services are also a link to meaningful moments.

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Stating that Russia continues to kill Ukrainians, bombard cities and steal their wheat, von der Leyen said, "We will continue to support Ukraine no matter how long it takes. We will not rest until you are victorious." he said.

Von der Leyen praised the continued functioning of the state and democratic institutions even during the war, saying, "Your EU membership application came days after the Russian occupation. You provided us with the necessary information in record time." he said.

"Today is primarily a day to celebrate this historic turn, the victory of determination." "The reconstruction of Ukraine and the EU membership process will go together," von der Leyen said. said.

Von der Leyen said:

"I came here today with a very simple message. You have a long road ahead of you, but the EU will be with you every step of the way from these dark days of war to the moment you become a member. I believe in the European future of Ukraine. The only reason for this is the determination of the Ukrainians."

The European Council granted Ukraine the status of candidate country at the leaders' summit on 23-24 June.

"We can start exporting electricity to the EU"
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy also stated that his country received the status of candidate country in a record time of 115 days and stated that the implementation of the decisions to be taken for harmonization with the EU is within their responsibility to give a better life to future generations.

Reminding that Ukraine is included in the EU's electricity grid, Zelenskiy said, "We can now start exporting electricity to the EU." said.

Zelenskiy noted that there are requests from the EU for "customs visa-free regime", liberalization of road transport, cancellation of roaming fees by creating a common mobile roaming area with the EU, high-speed internet speed testing, joining the EU digital market and "industrial visa-free regime".