Diesel generators and Li-ion batteries for Ukraine

In order to keep mobile networks functioning and don't leave Ukrainians without possibility to call to their families and emergency services, Ukrainian operators urgently need support with:

diesel generators with a capacity of 6.5-10 kW with a duration of continuous operation of at least 8 hours to provide electrical power to the base station equipment during an emergency shutdown of the power supply or during a blackout

100 Ah, 48 V lithium batteries. In the absence of the specified batteries, it is possible to use lead-acid batteries for 100 A/h, 12 V or 150 A/h, 12 V.

We will be grateful for any help with our request.


There is a very hard situation in Ukraine after the last massive missile attack of russia on Ukraine (23 November 2022).

Energy and civil infrastructure were targeted again and significant damage was done. As a result, it led to a partial blackout on 23 and 24 November.

Telecom infrastructure is highly dependent on electricity, firstly mobile base stations and Internet access. Unfortunately, 23 and 24 November were the most difficult and challenging days for the telecom sector for all these months.

All these days operators do everything possible to restore the operation of the BSs. It is possible to do it in the way of using internal power supply (UPS) - Li-ion batteries and connecting BSs to diesel generators. 

Unfortunately, there is a deficit of diesel generators and Li-ion batteries in Ukraine and at the same time we need a lot of them.

This is how Ukraine looked on 23 November after russia's massive missile attack (67 cruise missiles were launched)


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Inviato da Miguel Araujo il Ven, 02/12/2022 - 21:50

this is a greate idea say hi to Ukrania the family oer ther need this help