TTE Council - the Council examines the DDPP

This Friday 3rd December 2021, the meeting of the TTE (Telecommunications) Council will be held under the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU in Brussels.

Among many other points in the agenda, the Council will examine the progress report on the "Path to the Digital Decade" policy proposal.

Follow it live at around 11:20 CET by clicking here.

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Mibgħut minn Ray WALSHE f’din id-data:Thu, 02/12/2021 - 21:13

I wish to offer a lens of European (and Global) ICT Standardization to the Progress Report on "Path to the Digital Decade" (PtDD)

  • Clause 1 Para 1 states objective " to ensure that the EU achieves its objectives and targets towards a digital transformation of our society and economy in line with EU values, reinforcing its digital leadership and resilience as well as promoting human-centred, inclusive and sustainable digital policies empowering citizens and businesses" 
    • Current pre-standardization work, standards landscape reports and standards gap analysis in emerging technology areas like AI, Smart Cities, Digital Twins should also be considered when Digital Transformation acceleration is the objective. Current work programmes in  Standards Development Organisations contain not only technology standards but societal aspects like bias, trusworthiness and ethics.
  • Clause 2  Highlights the  Digital Gaps and need for "monitoring and reporting" 
    • Careful management (Governance) of data collection, storage, aggregation, processing and it's obselescence is necessary. Established Data Standards and IT Governance Standards can help in this regard.
  • Clause 5 Mentions the "risk of fragmentation between more and less technologically advanced EU areas" .
    • Once again a consensus of particpating MS's at Standards National Bodies level can help support a pan-european Digital Transformation Acceleration initiative and provide support for both Governments and other NGOs involved in delivering on the objectives of digtal transformation in the PtDD.
  • Clause 6  "need to reinforce the green/digital transition dimension among the objectives"
    • Sustainability and achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals is a core pillar of International Standards Development, All new work item proposals have to contain assesment of impact on any of the 17 SDGs. Conformaity Assessment is a hot topic in standards developemnt particularly in Artificial Intelligence

The inclusiveness in the report is laudable and care must be taken to ensure stakeholder engagment at all stages. "Collaboration and Not Duplication" should be the mantra to ensure no silo'ed approaches to digital transformation and a multi-stakeholder platform of experts like the one operated by DG CONNECT for the Rolling Plan for ICT Standards is an example of a collaborative, energetics and inclusive forum for progressing grand challenges like these.










Mibgħut minn Lavinia BIANCHI f’din id-data:Fri, 03/12/2021 - 11:55

LATEST: The TTE Council just adopted the progress report on DPP without any changes nor comments from Member States. 

This afternoon, "ministers will hold a policy debate on digital rights and principles, ahead of the upcoming inter-institutional declaration on this topic as announced in the Commission’s communication '2030 Digital Compass: the European way for the Digital Decade’. The aim of the debate is to provide guidance for the negotiations on this declaration." Access it here: Public session (Telecom) (