The European Skills Agenda - Pact for Skills

The Pact for Skills promotes joint action to maximise the impact of investing in improving existing skills (upskilling) and training in new skills (reskilling). It calls on industry, employers, social partners, chambers of commerce, public authorities, education and training providers and employment agencies to work together and make a clear commitment to invest in training for all working age people across the European Union.

The pact was officially launched on 10 November, 2020. Watch the video to see last year's launch event with Nicolas Schmit, Thierry Breton, representatives of the German presidency of the Council of the EU and a number of sectoriel stakeholders from industry, social partners, trade organisations, education, and employment. 

You can also learn more about the pact, the key principles of the charter, among other things, by visiting this page: Pact for Skills - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion - European Commission (

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