Connectivity Toolbox

 The Connectivity Toolbox (.pdf) is a set of best practices for timely rolling out 5G and fast broadband.

On the one hand, the measures help network operators reduce the cost of deploying networks.

On the other, Member States can use these measures to give operators access to the spectrum they need to rollout 5G and to encourage operators to further invest in 5G coverage.

The Connectivity Toolbox is the result of exchanges between Member States, in cooperation with the Commission, following the Commission’s Recommendation. 

Calendar and main deliverables

  1. By 20 December 2020: Member States identify and share between themselves and with the Commission best practices in reducing the cost and increasing the speed of deploying very high capacity networks, as well as ensuring timely and investment-friendly access to 5G radio spectrum. On 18 December 2020, the Connectivity Special Group adopted a report compiling all the information on best practices provided by Member States.
  2. By 30 March 2021: Member States agree on a Union Toolbox of best practices on Connectivity.
  3. By 30 April 2021: Member States provide the Commission with roadmaps for the implementation of the Toolbox
  4. By 30 April 2022: each Member State should report on the implementation of the Toolbox.

Read more here: Connectivity Toolbox | Shaping Europe’s digital future (

Also, don't forget to follow the Commission's work on connectivity by following the Twitter account: @ConnectivityEU

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