Backbone Connectivity for Digital Global Gateways - Deep Dive & Matchmaking


This online session will focus on the CEF Digital call for 'Backbone connectivity for Digital Global Gateways' and will take place on 15 February - 14:00-15:30 CET.


What is on offer?

  • The European Commission will present the call, including requirements and expectations.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to register in advance for matchmaking meetings that can be held on the day as well as during the month following the workshop (until 8 March).


Who will be there?

Participants will include:

  • European Commission
  • Broadband Competence Offices
  • Telecommunication and technology companies
  • Associations


How to get started?


To participate in this event, register and set up your matchmaking profile: '5G for Smart Communities' & 'Backbone connectivity for Digital Global Gateways' - Info (


Registered participants can explore and book meetings with matchmaking partners.


Please note that the session will be recorded. The matchmaking meetings will be confidential.

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