Digital Infrastructures - Question I

What is your opinion on the current state of play of digital infrastructures in the EU and Member States? Please share any insight or analysis.



Enviado por Stephan ENGBERG el Mar, 09/14/2021 - 12:07

Urgent need for real security


The recent infrastructure is surveillance-centric to the degree that almost all digital transactions generate personal data feeding systemic abuse.

We need to reverse this situation almost 100% so Citizen default never generate personal data unless explicitly desired.

I say "almost 100%" for three reasons

1) The alternative to surveillance or "trusted identity" is not anonymous but trustworthy as in mutually secure connection, .e.g. using pseudonym signatures instead of PKI surveillance and bad standards.

2) One-size-fits-all is one-size-fits-nothing. We need to avoid mandatory structure that cannot be optionally ignored by the citizen - this goes for BigTech but also down to the many terribly bad standards such a e.g. 5G (mandatory device identification=mandatory data retention).

3) Each session security has to be customized in the process, but with the normative key objective to eliminate surveillance.

Such structures are indeed possible, but complex and subject to heavy interests in tracking, targeting and profiling citizens or enforcing some agenda