Free AI education to every EU citizen: Commission provided the translations of the “Elements of AI” course that will now expand throughout the European Union

The opportunities created by enhanced computing power, availability of data, and progress in algorithms, have made Artificial Intelligence the main technological revolution of our times. Artificial Intelligence represents an area of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development. With the help of Elements of AI, the groundbreaking online course made by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki, all EU citizens can acquire basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

The ambitious goal is to educate 1% of European citizens on Artificial Intelligence by 2021. The course will be made available in all the official EU languages. The language translation has been provided by the European Commission, more specifically by the Directorate-General for Translation in collaboration with the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.

Following the CONNECT University Session on “Elements of AI” where the participants and the online viewers had the opportunity to discover the basics of Artificial Intelligence, CONNECT University acknowledged the importance of having the course available in all the EU languages. In this vein, with the help of the Directorate-General for Translation, the course was translated, and the first versions will start being published in early 2020. First published in 2018, the course is already available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian. This initiative by the Finnish Presidency aims to respond to the challenges posed by the transformation of work and to reinforce the digital leadership of the EU.

In the Coordinated Plan on AI, Member States and Commission have agreed to work together and develop material to be used in awareness campaigns on the benefits of AI. Beyond 2020, the Commission proposes that the Union provides a total of EUR 700 million to support advanced skills (for AI, HPC and cybersecurity) as part of the Digital Europe Programme.  

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Enviado por Alexander Cordes el Mié, 15/01/2020 - 11:52

There is no information provided about the time to invest. How long are the lessons, how much hours do you expect to go through the course?

En respuesta a por Alexander Cordes

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Enviado por Andreea DUMITRASCU el Mié, 26/02/2020 - 15:28

Hello Alexander,

We expect it will take approximately 5-10 hours to finish each part of the course. Some exercises require a lot of thinking, drawing on paper and going back to the theory part so they can take up to 45 minutes. You will also find lots of links in the course and looking at these as well will add to the time needed.