Digital Learning - Topic of the Year in 2018

During the coming months, along with the monthly sessions, CONNECT University will be coordinating a series of thematic sessions and a Summer School focusing on the future of learning in the digital age. On each one of these occasions, aspects linked to digital learning will be presented and discussed by experts coming from numerous backgrounds. In an expanding digital society, CU aims to look at the radical changes that are redesigning the way Europeans learn and teach.

As technology becomes ever more present into our lives, its effects are widely perceived in education as well, where the learning process is undergoing radical transformations. Digital technologies are not only reshaping current learning models, but they also have the potential to democratize education by making it accessible to wider and more diverse audiences.

Learning represents a human process, but technology can improve it by augmenting and connecting learning activities. How will the changing learning environment shape the way humans acquire knowledge ? How can new cognitive processes help us become who we really are?


Please follow us to receive updates about the upcoming sessions and discover together what the future looks like!



Skickades av Peter KOMINKA den ons, 02/07/2018 - 17:52

Iversity is very good in online course.

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Skickades av Andreea DUMITRASCU den tors, 02/08/2018 - 12:27

Dear Peter,

Thanks for contacting us and for your suggestion. To clarify, the foreseen topic is not reffering to e-learning platforms; the aim of Connect University this year is to explore the radical changes that are redesigning the way people learn and teach. Taking education several steps further together with assuring that the power of technology is being used in order to improve learning outcomes is the goal of CONNECT University in 2018. Incorporating technology effectively in early childhood education can form a solid basis for the future learning process. In this respect, it is essential to assure that schools are using the technology's potential at its highest and what are the aspects that are holding them back. Thanks to its versatility to play different roles – tutor, learning tool and teaching tool, information technology should be fully incorporated in the curricula. Digital learning will enhance the education experience, allowing students to prepare for the future and for a totally new process of acquiring knowledge. In the same time, it will reshape the environment of learning by the way information is transmitted and dealt with. This being said, the topics that will be covered will include: "Create your own learning environment by using Virtual Reality", "Changes in the environment of learning", etc.