CONNECT University Junior

CONNECT University is delighted to announce the launch of "CONNECT University Junior", initiative committed to equipping the young generation with the awareness and skills necessary for the digital age. Understanding technology and using it appropriately is essential nowadays as it highly affects the way we live, work, play and learn. No matter which careers children will choose, those roles will inevitably involve tech skills. Now more than ever digital literacy is imperative. Freedom of expression, relationship building, learning enhancement, empowerment, are only few benefits that technology brings for kids. They should be able to understand the technology in order to use it safely and in the same time effectively. 

The advancements brought by digital involve exciting possibilities and the kids are at the center of these dynamic changes. Creativity, bold ideas, innovation - CONNECT University Junior aims to inspire the young minds, helping them to seize the endless opportunities of digitalisation and make the most of emerging technologies. 

Logo CONNECT University Junior

Read more about the CONNECT University Junior session on "The fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence: Demystifying AI for students".

An event on "Our planet, our future: children and teenagers fighting the crisis" is included in the "Digital for our Planet" Summer School programme. 

CONNECT University Junior