Connect University invites you to discover more on Future and Emerging Technologies

Connect University will kick-off its 2021 programme with two fascinating sessions where you will get the opportunity to hear from our researchers of the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme.

During the "Intraneural stimulation: the role in restoring sensory, motor and autonomic neural functions" Dr Silvestro Micera will share with us examples on how implantable intraneural interfaces can be used to restore sensory (tactile feedback for hand prostheses, vision), motor (locomotion and grasping), and autonomic functions (for type 2 diabetes and heart controls).

Dr Barbara Mazzolai will show an overview of robotics systems inspired by plants for addressing environmental challenges, including artificial roots for soil monitoring, growing robots inspired by climbing plants for infrastructures’ explorations, biohybrid energy harvesting systems, and self-deployable, biodegradable seed-like soft robots for environmental monitoring. 

Join these sessions and get to know more about powerful new technologies!

Future and Emerging Technologies
Future and Emerging Technologies