CONNECT University Autumn School: Secure & Sustainable Digital Infrastructures

Interested in getting a cutting-edge overview of the major pillars of the digital infrastructure of the EU?

CONNECT University Autumn School 2022 will host an entire week on the topic, exploring how this decade’s state-of-the-art solutions fit over existing ones, fostering a circular economy system while ensuring a high degree of security.

Topics will include Gigabit Coverage, Microchips, Edge Computing, Data Servers, Web 3, High Performance Computing, Industrial Platforms, and 5G & Future Mobile Generations.

The 10 sessions will host high-level experts drawn from EU Institutions, industry, and academia, who will discuss the latest innovations addressing how we could expand our connectivity whilst optimising existing systems. Explore together with them the most pressing challenges, and find answers to your most pressing strategic questions on each topic.

Furthermore, our speakers will evaluate together with the audience how these systems might evolve in the coming decade and what barriers they may face. In addition, there will be discussions about the way digital infrastructures and technologies themselves interact with legacy systems, and how this can be managed in a sustainable and resource-efficient manner.

The Autumn School will embrace a broad perspective, encompassing the economic, social, and environmental concerns to be considered in any policy response.


Day I, 26 September: Introduction + Gigabit Coverage


Day II, 27 September Microchips, Edge Computing


Day III, 28 September


Day IV, 29 September


Day V, 30 September

Digital Infrastructures 5G Web3 Data Centres Microchips Gigabit EdgeComputing