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Who is using Galileo?

  • 20 months since the launch of Galileo Initial Services.
  • Millions of people now use Galileo.
  • 400 million Galileo-enabled phones sold globally.
  • 1 million more are sold every day.
  • 69 models are Galileo enabled.
  • 7.5 billion Apps will be using GNSS by 20

Better Location for Emergency Calls: Galileo and 112

In emergency situations the provision of a precise caller location information by a smart phone can mean the difference between life and death. Galileo in combination with other GNSS systems is able to help emergency services find callers by pinpointing their locations, even in urban canyons and other difficult environments.

Location-based advertising

Galileo allows geo-targeted advertising to be more relevant and effective, providing added value to users and businesses.

Located based services

Almost 3 billion mobile applications currently in use rely on positioning information. European GNSS applications are supported by several categories of devices, mainly smartphones and tablets, but also specific equipment such as tracking devices, digital cameras, portable computers and fitness gear.

Mobile location-based services use the geographic location of a personal handset – such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), smart phone or navigation device – either to enhance existing applications or to enable new applications.

These services may either use embedded satellite navigation receivers or network-based technologies (such as cell identification or triangulation from the location of the base station transmission cells to determine position). Such applications cover nearly every aspect related to human mobility. They can be grouped under three main categories: consumer, enterprise and public safety applications.

The combined use of wireless communication, location determination, geo-information systems and mobile devices opens the way to develop new or improved information, entertainment, social networking, personal navigation, mapping, geo-advertising, security, and law enforcement tracking services, among others.


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