Towards a new generation of blockchain based services


Explore how the EU is contributing to building the future of services leveraging blockchain, in line with European values and principles, with the public sector playing a trail blazer role for widening their adoption.

The Decentralised Digital Economy is gaining traction all over the world. This new iteration of the World Wide Web known as Web 3.0, combines innovative technologies such as distributed ledgers/ blockchains to achieve decentralization, cryptography to enhance privacy and trust, smart contracts to achieve transparent rules and common APIs associated with business-driven policies to achieve interoperability. Web 3.0 is developing as an alternative paradigm to the current platform-based Web 2.0 model.


In liaison with the EBP and EBSI initiative, the EC is launching a regulatory sandbox for blockchain and decentralized data solutions. The European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox will provide a pan-European experimentation framework for innovative technology solutions involving blockchain and DLT. This will help increase legal certainty for Web3.0 [or Economy 4.0], which relies on a convergence of innovative technologies.

The use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and crypto-assets will be used to build, own, and monetize innovative services within [a] decentralised metaverse[s]. The experience gained in EBSI could serve to set-up the foundation of public metaverse[s].



• The EU vision and actions for blockchain - the EU blockchain strategy

• The European Blockchain Service Infrastructure, the way forward illustrated with:

• Exchange of education credentials for the year of digital skills

• Tracking and tracing products in support of EU policies

• The European blockchain Regulatory sandbox

• The future of public services and public policies implementation at the age of [Web3.0 and] Metaverse



•    Helen KOEPMAN, Digital Markets, DG CONNECT

•    Pierre MARRO, Digital Markets, DG CONNECT

•    Helen LEROUGE, KU Leuven

•    Nicolas HAWN, European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

•    Maxine LEMM, Trans European Service, DG DIGIT

•    Caroline KAEB, Digital Markets, DG CONNECT

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