Tackling Disinformation in the EU - The Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation and EDMO


The 2022 Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation, the first-of-its kind worldwide, is part of the Commission’s strategy to counter disinformation.

With the proliferation of disinformation online, the Code serves as an innovative, self-regulatory tool for relevant players in the industry to fight disinformation and is part of the Commission’s broader regulatory framework.

The session will provide an overview of how the Code of Practice on Disinformation developed and progressed from the 2018 Code to the 2022 Strengthened Code, outlining the focus areas and stakeholders involved, presenting the latest developments, highlighting some of the milestones, and looking into the implementation and monitoring phase.

In addition to the Code, the Commission funds the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). EDMO aims to create and establish a community of fact-checkers and researchers that help to address and reduce the impact of disinformation at the EU as well as Member State and national level.



  • Overview of the CoP within the Commission’s strategy against disinformation, including the Task Force, the Transparency Centre and implementation of the Code
  • Overview of the European Digital Media Observatory



  • Krisztina STUMP, Head of Unit, CNECT I.4
  • Alberto Rabbachin, Deputy Head of Unit, CNECT I.4
  • Anja Grabovac – at the Central European Digital Media Observatory
  • Stefan Moendges – Coordinator at the German Austrian Digital Media Observatory
  • Clement Wolf – Head of Information Quality Policy at Google
  • Luca Nicotra – Campaign Director at Avaaz
  • Paula Gori – Coordinator at the European University Institute
  • Carlos Hernández-Echevarría – Head of Public Policy and Institutional Development at Maldita.es


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